HM Prison Service
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HM Prison Service

HM Prison Service

TRS tendered via the electronic portal for the removal of the existing chillers and installation of two replacement chillers.

The chillers provided chilled water to critical areas within the operating centre and the brief was that services needed to be maintained whilst the works were being carried out.

The planning stages were extensive regarding the risks associated with carrying out the works. This included the security status of our staff and that of our specialist sub-contractors.

Our electricians installed temporary supplies to the temporary chillers and our mechanical engineers installed temporary pipework between the temporary chillers and the roof plant room.

TRS removed the existing chillers once the temporary chillers were in place and maintaing the chilled water services.

TRS installed 2 x chillers on the roof of the main control ECR room

TRS installed new 200amp 3 phase isolators and the supply cables to the chillers as well as the associated tray work.

The pipework was modified and extended to the locations of the new chillers.
The pipe work had trace heating installed which was wired back to the thermostat controls The BMS system was also linked to the chillers common alarms.

This would be a very straight forward job for TRS however Belmarsh Prison is one of the most secure in the country therefore adding extra constraints and time limitations to the project which ran with no incidents and completed on time.