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TRS Training and Investment Programme

The members of the senior management team recognise the training they have received through their careers has contributed to their ability to carry out their role in TRS.We believe in giving back and as a result we have within our business a mindset that ensures we are constantly reviewing the training requirements of our business, staff and clients.

The operational director John Kilgannon has specific responsibility for training within the business. The training we deliver varies from manufacturer training to external training for engineers to move into a supervisory role.

We employ apprentices as we understand and embrace our responsibility to train the engineers, managers and directors of the future.

John has worked with our trade body BESA on the government trailblazer and was recognised in November 2017 with the presentation of an award for his work on the initiative.

Highest Standards

TRS are proud to continually invest in our team, and are dedicated to ensuring we are not inly fully compliant but also creating a training path for each of our team members.

Our Commitment

It is our continual commitment and investment in security and protocols that will assure all our clients and employees that we will remain vigilant in our use, handling and storage of data however sensitive.


TRS have attained and maintained the highest level if accreditations within our industry for many year.  Some accreditations are industry and sector specific whilst others can be linked directly to world leading manufacturers.


Our aim is provide a true career for our people to move through our management programme. Here is our Operations Director,  John Kilgannon, winning and accepting an award for his work and commitment on the trailblazer initiative.


Our engineers, Larry Black Tibor Bauer recently completed the intensive Refrigerant Handling training course which is part of our continued initiatives to allow our people to cross-skill effectively and also enjoy a long and varied career with TRS.


TRS have a proud history of putting our apprentices on a rewarding training programme across our range of services. Connor Sutch joined us in the summer as a refrigeration and air conditioning apprentice and has become a valued member of our team.

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