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TRS Own Registered Charity

TRS are proud to have our own registered charity where, for every hour worked by every member of our team, we donate a cash amount to our charity.

We then pass our donations to many local and deserving causes

Charity Journal

Nov 2019 – Dandelion Time – Restoring Hope to Young Lives

£500 contribution – offers help to children with challenging emotional issues


Nov 2019 – Tree of Hope – Supporting Children’s Healthcare Needs

£500 contribution – Funding specialist care for disabled/Ill children


Oct 2019 – Circus Starr – Starr In The Community

£420 contribution – circus with a purpose for suffering children


Oct 2019 – Netbox – At Heart of Kent Hospice

£50 contribution – supporting terminally ill adults


Aug 2019 – Sencio Charity Golf Day – Lullingstone Golf Club

£500 contribution – support children who suffer from cystic fibrosis


Jul 2019 – The Chartwell Children’s Cancer Trust on behalf of VinciFM (QEH)

£250 contribution – Development of the AV1 Robot


May 2019 – New Gargrave CE Primary School

£250 contribution – Rocket Fund


Jan 2019 – Second Chance

£250 contribution – Charity for Children who need Special Help


Jan 2019 – MERU

£250 contribution – providing young children with disabilities assistance they need to achieve independence


Dec 2018 – Children’s Literacy Charity

£250 contribution – providing support to children with significant literacy gaps


Dec 2018 – Circus Starr

£313 contribution – providing local children with difficult lives to have an opportunity to have the time of their lives at our circus


Aug 2018 – The Children’s Charity Cancer Ward at QEH, Woolwich Hospital

£500 contribution – Vinci Construction UK Ltd raising funds for ward


Aug 2018 – West Kent Mind

£500 contribution – SENCIO Leisure raining funds by holding a Charity Golf Day


July 2018 – Monkey Puzzle, Sidcup

£250 contribution – Medical treatment for Olivia with brain tumour


June 2018 – The Children’s Literacy Charity

£250 contribution – Providing high quality, one-to-one literacy interventions for children and young people who need help with their literacy


June 2018 – ChildHope

£250 contribution – Every child has the right to a safe and secure childhood


June 2018 – The Sick Children’s Trust – We’re here so you can be there

£250 contribution – Aid the recovery of sick children by supporting the whole family